Zoning Ordinance

The previous Zoning Ordinance was amended approximately 84 times since 1989 and had been increasingly difficult to navigate and understand by developers and citizens On July 9, 2013, the City Council adopted a new Zoning Ordinance that simplified, reorganized, and reformatted the previous one and made this one more user-friendly, easier to understand and navigate to find the needed information.

For any questions related to the Zoning Ordinance, please contact the Planning Department at 972-775-7161. 

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Sections 1, 2, 100 - general Provisions, Use Table & Definitions
Section 1
General Provisions, Administration & Enforcement
Section 2
Zoning Districts and Use Table
Section 100
Definitions (General, Masonry, SOB, Signage)

List of Amendments to Zoning Ordinance

Section 3 - Residential Zoning District & Residential Standards
Residential Zoning District

Residential Standards
Section 3.100
Agricultural (A)

Section 3.5100
Residential Accessory Buildings
Section 3.200
Single Family One (SF-1)

Section 3.5200
Residential Fence Regulations
Section 3.300
Single Family Two (SF-2)

Section 3.5300
Home Occupations
Section 3.400
Single Family Three (SF-3)

Section 3.5400
Residential Landscaping/Streetscaping/Amenities
Section 3.500
Single Family Four (SF-4)

Section 3.5500
Residential Masonry, Architecture and Building Standards
Section 3.600
Residential 2.5 (R2.5)

Section 3.5600
Residential Parking and Garage Regulations
Section 3.700
Residential Three (R3)

Section 3.5700
Secondary Dwelling Units
Section 3.800
Medium Density One (MD-1)

Section 3.5800
Residential Signage Regulations
Section 3.900
Medium Density Two (MD-2)

Reserved for future use
Section 3.1000
Mobile Home (MH)

Reserved for future use
Section 3.1100
Multifamily (MF)

Reserved for future use

Section 4 - Nonresidential Zoning District and Nonresidential Standards
Nonresidential Zoning District

Nonresidential Standards
Section 4.100
General Professional (GP)

Section 4.5100
Nonresidential Accessory Buildings
Section 4.200
Community Retail (CR)

Section 4.5200
Nonresidential Fence Regulations
Section 4.300
Commercial (C)

Section 4.5300
Section 4.400
Central Business District (CBD)

Section 4.5400
Nonresidential Landscaping & Streetscaping
Section 4.500
N. 8th Street District (N8)

Section 4.5500
Nonresidential Masonry, Architecture Design & Building Standards
Section 4.600
Light Industrial (LI)

Section 4.5600
Nonresidential Parking Regulations
Section 4.700
Medium Industrial (MI)

Section 4.5700
Section 4.800
Heavy Industrial (HI)

Section 4.5800
Nonresidential Signage Regulations

Section 5 - Special Districts
Section 5.100
Planned Developments (PDs)
Section 5.200
Specific Use Permits (SUPs)
Section 5.300
Overlay Districts
Section 5.400
Historic Preservation Overlay Zone
Section 5.500
Airport Overlay Zone

Sections 6 - 99 - Other Regulations
Section 6
Communications & Cell Towers
Section 7
Energy Systems
Section 8
Sexually-Oriented Businesses
Section 9
Nonconforming Lots, Uses & Structures
Section 10
Zoning Board of Adjustment
Sections 11 - 99