Fire Department Requirements for Subdivisions


Emergency Access shall be provided and maintained at all times during construction.  

Street Signs shall be permanently mounted at all street intersections and shall display the correct street name and block number.  Street signs shall meet City of Midlothian standards and installation requirements.

Address numbers shall be in place on all homes and visible from the street.  Numbers may also be on mailboxes.  
Fire Hydrants shall meet City of Midlothian standards and installation requirements, be operational and properly painted.  The “Steamer” outlet size shall be 4.5” NST.  The paint scheme shall be per Midlothian Fire Department standards:

12" or larger main  Blue bonnet, silver barrel and caps
 8" main  Green bonnet, silver barrel and caps
 6" main  Silver bonnet, silver barrel and caps
 Private main  All red
 CO-OP water  Red bonnet, silver barrel and caps

Fire hydrants shall be located at every intersection and between intersections so the distance between hydrants along the street does not exceed 400 feet.  The “Steamer” outlet of the hydrant shall face the street and the hydrants shall be mounted 3-5’ back from curb with the bottom flange at or slightly above grade level.  A minimum of 36" of clear space shall be maintained around fire hydrants at all times. 

Fire Hydrant Reflectors shall be mounted on the road surface to indicate the location of the hydrant.  At intersections there shall be a reflector mounted in each street of the intersection.  The reflectors shall be Blue in color, 4”x4” in size and mounted in the center of the driving lane closest to the hydrant. 

Model Homes may be constructed before final subdivision acceptance is received if the following criterion is met. 

  1. Two or more fire hydrants closest to the model home site are operational.
  2. Street signs at entrance into subdivision and at the model home site are permanently mounted and meet the same standards as stated above.
  3. Acceptance from the Fire Department and Engineering Department is approved. 

Amenity Centers and Neighborhood Swimming Pools shall have a 3200 Knox Box containing gate and building keys installed for emergency access, a 2A:10B:C or larger fire extinguisher mounted and an operational 9-1-1 emergency telephone with location signage. 

Acceptance by both the Fire Department and the Engineering Department is required before any construction of homes or other occupancies can begin. 

Fire Marshal      (972) 775-7662                                                                Engineering       (972) 775-7199